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Mystery Books

Are you intrigued by haunted houses?  
Are you fond of mysteries?
Could you use a little romance in your life?
Then you are in the right place.
These are hauntingly romantic novels . . .

The Whitmore House

Book One of the Whitmore Series


The Whitmore House is a Victorian bed and breakfast located in historic Oakwood, Nebraska, that is haunted by the ghost of one of the former owners, Elizabeth Whitmore, the beautiful wife of Oakwood founder, George Whitmore. Although Carey Horning is dreadfully shy, she manages to get a part-time job at The Whitmore House at the age of 16. As a long-term employee, Carey becomes attached to not only the grand house and its rich history but to the current owners of the Whitmore House, Marge and Lee Hillman. As Carey matures into a young woman, she and Marge become best friends and together they attempt to make sense of the paranormal activity at the house using what they know about the Whitmore history. Carey never reveals to Marge, however, the crush she developed for their son, Steven Hillman. And no need - before long Steve has moved from Oakwood and is out of Carey's life. Despite being convinced that the odds are against her for love and happiness due to her lower self-esteem, Carey eventually marries a good man and has two kids. Although she eventually takes another job, Carey remains close to Marge. The years fly by and Carey finds herself with a good job, a comfortable home, a beautiful teenage daughter, and a precocious young son. But despite all that she is unhappy - her marriage is failing and she feels lost. Refusing to consider divorce, Carey attempts to suppress her unhappiness by getting reacquainted with the things she loves but has neglected over the years.  She volunteers at a local museum to learn more about the Whitmore family history.  By doing so, she is drawn back into the world of the Whitmore’s and the Hillman’s exponentially. Carey becomes obsessed with her research and putting all the pieces she's uncovered into order.  Her research is only interrupted when there is a mysterious threat to the Whitmore House that she investigates, and to deal with the aftermath of the reveal of long-held secrets.  But her research is egged on by Carey witnessing an apparition of a very troubled Elizabeth Whitmore.  What will Carey eventually reveal about the family history, and will she get her love life in order?   




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The Whitmore House – House Divided

Book Two of the Whitmore Series


It’s been two years since we were last with Carey.  The ghost of Elizabeth was gone and all was well with the family, the Whitmore House, and the museum, despite the sad loss of Peggy.  But then, Carey notices that things are starting to happen . . . The mood of the house changes, household items are being moved, she’s receiving messages and what can only be deciphered as bloody threats from beyond, and her husband and Anna are acting strangely.  Carey becomes convinced that something supernatural is at play, but has no idea why since Elizabeth is gone . .  Or is she?  The threat becomes so severe that the kids have to leave their home, and Steve has turned on her to such a degree that he is almost a stranger.  The events are tearing her family apart.  Once again, Carey sets to investigating the past to explain the present.  But due to the continuing and growing threat, this time she is desperate to uncover all she can.  Had they been wrong about the Whitmore history?  Had they misjudged George and Elizabeth?  Had they uncovered only a portion of the truth?  Carey uses all possible resources and the help of new and established allies to uncover the identity of the threat and to find a way to thwart it to bring her family back together again.

The Whitmore House – Foundations

Book Three of the Whitmore Series


Carey and Marge are getting ready for Christmas at the Whitmore House when Carey discovers a very old note that had been buried inside the house for what appeared to be decades. What does the eerie message mean?  There are just enough clues associated with the note to get Carey started on another investigation into the past.  What she discovers adds volumes to the history of the house and its inhabitants. Plus, Mark Whately has a new relationship and the woman in question has a sketchy past.  Will that call a protective spirit to fly back into action?   

The Whitmore House – The Experience

Book Four of the Whitmore Series


Despite taking all precautions, someone saw a supernatural occurrence at the Whitmore House.  Will they reveal what they saw?  What could that mean?  Carey's not about to take any chances with those she holds most dear, so she goes to extra lengths to protect the inhabitants of the house, those that are alive, and those that aren't. 

The Whitmore House – Remains

Book Five of the Whitmore Series


Marge hears a scream outside of her house while she's up late reading, but doesn't give it too much thought.  She informs Carey about it the next day and the always-curious Carey immediately decides to investigate.  Upon a closer look near Marge's house, Carey and Anna make a startling find.  But no one else seems the least bit concerned. This only prompts Carey to dig deeper. Carey's been involved with many mysteries in the past.  But this time, does she have a murder on her hands?

The Whitmore House – Spirits

Book Six of the Whitmore Series


Carey finds herself wrapped up in simultaneous investigations, one surrounding Will's cave discovery, one related to a rattled Re-Pete who anxiously repeats "Shadow Man Gun," and one surrounding a mysterious theft at a local store. As if that isn't enough, major bombshells drop . . . . and they . . . well . . . change everything. 

The Whitmore House – Power

Book Seven of the Whitmore Series


Carey finds herself grappling with a loss of control. She delves deep into her own family history to gain it back and discovers much more than she anticipated.  She also goes on the hunt for a local thief as well as helps a new friend discover her own inner power.

The Whitmore House – Proposals

Book Eight of the Whitmore Series


When Covid-19 hits Oakwood, Carey has no choice but to close the Whitmore House. However, Carey finds herself consumed with a new case when Bill's girlfriend, Corinne Shaw, is assaulted in her own home. While simultaneously dealing with personal issues, Carey finds that she is cultivating new abilities. 

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