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Play scripts

I love, love, love my characters!  You will love them, too!

The Neighbor


This is a comedy set in the present time. Jill loves her new apartment, and is too infatuated with her new boyfriend to mind the elderly, overly-nosy neighbor next door. But, when things start to get serious between Jill and Elliot, Mrs. Makenzie (you guessed it, the neighbor) goes to great lengths to break them up. When that happens and Jill starts to see a new seemingly perfect guy, the somehow all-knowing Mrs. Makenzie goes to hilarious lengths to protect Jill.


Setting: Jill’s apartment with typical furnishings: shelf with books, telephone table and/or table with liquor and glasses, sofa, side chairs, mirror on wall, etc. Must have entry door, light switch on wall (or lamp), bedroom door, and kitchen door.



Jillian: Very likable book editor. Age can vary.

Mona: Jill’s best friend. Age can vary.

Mike: Mona’s cool, likable, polite, and funny boyfriend. Age should be similar to Mona.

Elliot: Jill’s poet boyfriend. He has an annoying habit of oversupplying words.

Spencer: Co-worker of Mona. Age similar to Jill’s. He is good natured, humorous, and the perfect gentleman, well, until he shows his true crazed self in Act Four.

Two firefighters/Two police officers: Male and/or female, and can be played by same actors


***Note: Mrs. Makenzie is never seen, nor does she speak - "she" just knocks on the wall (a lot).


This play consists of 74 (Micrsoft Word document) pages and includes a character list, props/costuming list, and (simple) sound effects list.



More than Neighbors


This is a romantic comedy set in the present time. Rachel is the type that keeps to herself. But, she was spotted by Pore while moving in just across the hall. Because she ignores him for weeks, Pore sneaks into her apartment to get her attention. It was a huge risk, it could have backfired like crazy on him. But, his plan succeeds and they become fast friends. The problem is Rachel is still standoffish and Pore wants to be more than friends, and more than neighbors.


Setting: Rachel’s apartment in a bigger U.S. city with front door, bedroom door and kitchen door, couch, chair, coffee table, piece of furniture with a drawer for pictures and could also hold liquor bottles and glasses (or another piece of furniture could be used), book shelf with books and picture of grandmother, telephone, answering machine, phone book, television, and television remote.



Rachel Ward: Accountant at KJ Corporation. Somewhat selfish and self-centered, however she is also very unsure of herself. Age can vary.

Pore a/k/a Steven Springer: Stage actor. He is very caring, deep, friendly, and likable. He has a very laid-back attitude. Therefore, he speaks very politely with a calming voice, except for a few lines during the fight! Age can vary, but similar to Rachel’s.

Mike Turner: Auditor who works briefly at KJ Corp and likes Rachel. Age can vary, but similar to Rachel’s.


This play consists of 70 (Microsoft Word document) pages and includes a properties list.




Bird Watchers


This is a comedy set in the present time. Beenie and Katie are best friends. Beenie is the smart, intellectual one and poor Katie is usually one step behind. As usual, they are spending another Friday evening together catching up on the week and because they are both desperately single. On this particular Friday night they are celebrating Beenie's completion of her dissertation (and getting a little tipsy) when a desperate Chip shows up at Beenie's door with a gun and holds them hostage. Chip thought he would just hang low in Beenie's apartment until the bad guys lost his scent. Little did he know that his do-gooding and overly-demanding captors would end up psychoanalyzing him as well as putting him through the wringer!


Setting: Beenie’s apartment in a larger U.S. City. There is a large window in the center upstage (low enough to see out of it from a seated position on stage), a couch, phone on small table, apartment entry door, kitchen door, and a bedroom door. There is also a small dining table and two chairs. If a larger set area is available, there could be a computer table or desk and miscellaneous furniture.



Beenie (short for Bernice): The smarter one. High School science teacher, working on her Master’s of Science Degree. Avid bird watcher, and amateur psychologist. Aged between 25-45.

Katie: Beenie’s best friend. A little simple-minded, but very sweet. Works for a publishing company, and wants to be a novelist. Aged between 25-45.

(Note: It would help the story if the actors playing Beenie and Katie are not the same size.)

Chip: Robbery suspect who holds Beenie and Katie captive. Age can vary. Chip starts out as a frightened bad guy, but softens over the course of the show to reveal his truly good nature.

Dan: Bird-watching neighbor. Similar in age to Beenie.

Pizza deliver guy (or gal): Can be any age or description

Police officer: Can be male or female of any age. If it is a male, corresponding dialogue towards the end will need to be tweaked.


This play consists of 77 (Microsoft Word document) pages and includes a costume and properties list.



The Chapman Place


This is a spooky comedy set in the present time that would be perfect for the Halloween season (or really any time). Cassie Jordan and her family need a bigger home to keep peace in the family. After an exhaustive search, Cassie finds what she thinks is her dream

home . . . The Chapman Place. The family hears the eerie stories about the previous inhabitants and the mysterious disappearance of a young woman a century ago. Paying no heed, the family moves in. After getting settled, things in the family have not improved. Adding to their troubles, spooky and unexplainable noises are heard, and household items come up missing or are tampered with. Are they alone in the house? Has someone from the past decided to pay a visit to the living? With the help of the handyman, the family seeks to solve the mystery of their apparent haunting, and re-discovers their family in the process.


Setting: This play can be done with no actual set, or curtaining could be used. This is the living room of an old Victorian house with Victorian couch (covered with sheet until stricken before Act Two), side chair, side tables added in Act Two, appropriate lamp, rocking chair (or some other prop that can move on cue), and any other wanted furnishing, etc. A set could certainly be used if you desired, or if not, you could add free-standing architectural pieces to give the illusion of a Victorian interior.



Mary Friedman: Mother to Cassie and Grandmother to Amy. She is delightful, positive, and a little ornery. She is a totally modern grandmother who loves her computer.

Cassie Jordan: 40ish mother of Amy. She is mildly sarcastic, direct, and has a quirky sense of humor. She loves old houses, antiques, and decorating.

Amy Jordan: 20-year-oldish college art student. She is very Gothic, wildly sarcastic, and speaking is a huge effort . . . until later in the play when she lightens up. She is hostile, rude, and sarcastic to everyone (especially to her mother) until after the fight. However, she is more civil and patient with Mary.

Kris Hammond: Handyman and college student studying psychology.

Judy or you can change this person to a Jeff: Real estate agent

Ghost of Millie: Lady dressed in long flowing gown, lace over her head. Could be the same actor who played Judy or other is you choose to have Jeff


​This play consists of 77 (Microsoft Word document) pages and includes a properties and sound effects list.




I Love Fishing


This is a very funny (if I do say so myself) farce set in the present time. Susan gets run off the road by a maniac and becomes convinced that he is trying to kill her. She takes refuge in a vacant fishing cabin, arms herself, and is convinced that the maniac will be coming any minute to murder her. In the meantime, she finds the cabin much to her liking and finds hilarious ways to spend the time. All the while, Cletus (the hillbily who has a still near his shack on the same property) sneaks in and out of the house to fill his jug of water (for his still). Susan heard a news report about an escaped killer (dubbed The Slaher) and assumes that Cletus is the killer and tries to lock him out. Susan settles in to wait until the morning in order to make her escape, and every noise she hears is blown way out of proportion and is just one more thing to convince her that she is waiting to be murdered. An accidental face-to-face with Cletus causes her to faint. While she is out, four young hillbillies from the town show up, the real Slasher shows up, and Brad and the Deputy finally come to the rescue.


Setting: Tastefully decorated living room of fishing cabin. Couch, coffee table, table with phone covered with a blanket, books, fishing rods with bobbers attached, radio, ax, dead plant in a plastic container placed in an old saucepan, candles, stick matches, and a chest of drawers (or two) to look through and/or to hold candles, etc. Fake fireplace optional.



Susan Malloy: Age can vary

Cletus: Hillbilly, any age

Brad Simmons: Owner of cabin, age can vary

Buddy: Teen or young man, a genuinely nice guy

Wade: Teen or young man, full of himself

Aileen: Teen or young woman

Claudine: Teen or young woman

Deputy Matt or Marsha: Male or female, age can vary

Slasher: Any age/description


This play consists of 60 (Microsoft Word document) pages and comes with a properties list.



Please note: I do allow some tweaking of my scripts to fit your needs.

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