This site is a collection of the books authored by 

Cathleen Marie Van Winkle.  

I cherish the Victorian Era, I'm driven to delve

deep into mysteries of every kind, and I'm inspired

by and harbor a deep respect for history. 

History Books: 

On the "History" page, I have included information for:


Battles of Freedom: The Life and Times of John Henri Kagi


The Twelve, An Underground Railroad Saga


The History of Mayhew Cabin Museum

Mystery Books:

On the "Mystery" page, I have included a synopsis for each of the full-length novels in The Whitmore House Series including: 


The Whitmore House

The Whitmore House - House Divided

The Whitmore House - Foundations

The Whitmore House - The Experience

The Whitmore House - Remains

The Whitmore House - Spirits

The Whitmore House - Power

The Whitmore House - Proposals


These are "hauntingly romantic novels."  The Whitmore House is far more than a beautiful Victorian house (turned Bed & Breakfast) located in fictional Oakwood, Nebraska. It is an actively haunted house. Follow Carey through her life as she falls in love, deals with the spirit in the house, and solves one mystery after another in a small-town atmosphere. Much like her creator, Carey thrives on the thrill of the hunt.

John Henri Kagi
John Kagi
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