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This site is the collection of books authored by Cat Van Winkle.  I adore the Victorian Era, I'm enthralled by all manner of mysteries, and I have a deep regard for history. All of my books reflect those passions . . . and so much more. 

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John Kagi is recognized as an ardent follower of John Brown, described as “John Brown’s right-hand man and “John Brown’s most trusted advisor.” However, these depictions fall far short, and do not do John Kagi justice! Battles of Freedom tells the life story of an American hero.  


On the Mystery page, you will find a synopsis for each of the full-length novels in The Whitmore House Series

These are "hauntingly romantic novels." The Whitmore House is far more than a beautiful Victorian house (turned Bed & Breakfast) located just outside Oakwood, Nebraska. It's an actively haunted house. No one is more devoted to the Whitmore House more than Carey. I invite you to follow Carey as she struggles with shyness, falls in love, and deals with active spirits . . .  all while trying to fit into an unforgiving world. As Carey solves one mystery after another in her small town, she learns to overcome, accepts her introversion, and finds a niche. Much like her creator, Carey is curious, and thrives on the thrill of the hunt.